About Us

Headrick Insulation is a full-service mechanical and plumbing systems insulation contractor operating primarily out of Local 48 of the National Heat and Frost Insulators Union. We are a 100% female owned business certified by the National Women’s Business Council and the City of Atlanta.

We are equipped to handle any sized job from $200 to $10 million and beyond. When we step on to a job, we believe it is our duty to provide the best possible work for the best possible price, all while making sure everyone is operating in a safe manner. We believe in building relationships and exceeding the expectations of our customers.


Headrick Insulation was founded in December of 1993 by Shirley Headrick and her husband David. Shirley was working in the financial services section of Norfolk Southern Railways and David was a member of the National Heat and Frost Insulators Union, Local 48. After speaking to customers he dealt with, David realized that there was a need for company that could provide the level of service and peace of mind that mechanical contractors required. After talking it over with David, Shirley took an early retirement from Norfolk Southern and they used that money to start Headrick Insulation. The response from contractors was immediate and soon they outgrew their living room and moved into their first office space.

Over the next thirty years, Headrick Insulation became a name that contractors knew they could rely on for quality, service, and value. In 2013, twenty years after his parents founded the business, Brian Headrick graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University with a degree in Construction Management and joined his parents full-time in the family business.

Shirley Headrick

Shirley is the President and and founder of Headrick Insulation along with her husband David. She worked for Norfolk Southern Railways in the financial services division where she gained the knowledge and experience on how to run the financial side of a business. She decided to put this knowledge to use and build a business with her husband so she took an early retirement and put the money into starting Headrick Insulation. She is responsible for overseeing the back-end side of the business and managing the office.

David Headrick

David is the Vice-President and co-founder of Headrick Insulation with his wife, Shirley. David worked in Local 48 as an insulation apprentice before being brought into the office to assist with estimation and project management. After working for a few years learning about estimation and project management, David realized that there was a need in the industry for a high-quality insulation contractor to handle the increasing amount of hospital and data center work that was starting to be built in Atlanta. Knowing these buildings had critical systems that could not fail, David, along with Shirley, set about building a business that would address these needs and systems. Headrick Insulation has since expanded to work on other types of projects but brings the level of expertise gained from working in these buildings to every project we take part in.

Brian Headrick

Brian is the son of David and Shirley. He worked part-time while earning his BS in Construction Management from Southern Polytechnic State University before coming on full-time as an estimator and project manager. He went on to earn a BS in Commerce and Business Administration from the University of Alabama and a Master’s Degree with a focus in Management from Harvard University. Since starting full-time, Brian’s duties have expanded to include safety and he is now an OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer, a Firestop Instructional Training Level 1 Trainer, and is certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals as a Construction Health and Safety Technician. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Brian recognized the increased need for specialized knowledge in healthcare construction and became a Certified Healthcare Constructor.

Liz Pagano

Liz is the office administrator responsible for engaging directly with customers and suppliers regarding administrative questions, accounts payable, and accounts recievable. Her duties also include payroll and ensuring all union and government requirements are met on-time.


Buddy is the CBO (Chief Barking Officer) of Headrick Insulation. His duties include letting us know anytime a car drives down the street or the wind is blowing too hard. In between barking he can usually be found on the couch asleep.