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In the past few years, it seems we are being increasingly asked to provide value-engineering as part of our initial bid packages in order to present options to our customers and the building owners. Oftentimes these are things as simple as using PVC 90s instead of pre-molded fittings or substituting fiberglass for foamglas in areas that aren’t susceptible to damage. Such requests represent an opportunity for us to provide a product for the customer that will meet their needs at a price that allows them to provide a better product for their customers, which is a great thing for our business.

Sometimes, however, we are asked to give pricing for options that we know will not work. This happens in the field as well when space is at a premium and we are asked to find a way to insulate the system. When something like this happens, it is our duty as the subject-matter experts to tell our customers that the options won’t work, and to find a solution that we know will work that will still meet the customer’s needs. We have many resources available to accomplish this, such as manufacturer’s reps, our own experience and knowledge, and even software programs such as 3E Plus from the Insulation Institute.

Mechanical insulation is taken into account when engineers are planning building loads; if the insulation is not done properly, then it can cause issues throughout the building. Our work is important, and it’s vital that we respect our trade to ensure we are doing whatever is necessary to provide the correct products and services to our customers. Sometimes that means going home like this…